"Embracing Creativity: Join Roy Dawson's Artistic Journey"

In an empty courtroom, where echoes abound,
Stands a patriot, his voice resounding, profound.
With love for his country, his heart aflame,
He preaches, with conviction, a fervent acclaim.

His words, like music, reach out in the air,
A symphony of passion, a heartfelt prayer.
To anyone who will listen, he speaks his truth,
For he knows in his soul, there's no greater pursuit.

With each word he utters, he ignites a spark,
Awakening hearts, even in the dark.
He shares his vision, his hopes for the land,
Guided by love, he extends a helping hand.

He speaks of unity, of bonds that endure,
Of standing together, strong and secure.
For his country, he dreams of a brighter day,
Where compassion and justice will light the way.

His voice carries echoes of the heroes of old,
The brave souls who fought, fearless and bold.
He speaks of their sacrifice, their unwavering pride,
Inspiring others to stand by their side.

In that empty courtroom, his passion blooms,
Fueling his words, dispelling the gloom.
With eloquence and grace, he paints a scene,
Of a nation united, in red, white, and blue sheen.

For his love knows no bounds, it's woven deep,
A flame that burns, unwavering and steep.
He believes in the power of collective might,
To uplift his country, to make things right.

Though the courtroom may be empty, he carries on,
Knowing that change starts with a single song.
With love for his country, he continues to preach,
In the hope that his words will resonate and reach.

For his voice is a beacon, a guiding light,
A testament to his love, shining so bright.
In that empty courtroom, he plants a seed,
For a better tomorrow, where love will succeed.

So, he stands, unwavering, in that empty space,
A patriot with a love no one can erase.
Preaching to anyone who will lend an ear,
His words of love for his country crystal clear.

Writen By Roy Dawson

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